Glacial Hills Elementary #4168

Hello and here's a little intro about me!

   I grew up in Annandale, MN, in the middle of a family of three boys, Ben, Bill, and Bob!  I played and have been involved in or participated in sports for a good majority of my life, I love to be outside, travel, camp, hunt, etc.  My girlfriend and I went to Scotland for a month in 2010 with our college, Minnesota State University Moorhead.  We had a few free days so we took a cheap flight to Ireland, and the two of us drove a car from one side of Ireland to the other.  Driving on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road was pretty intense!!  We stayed in a town called Westport, County Mayo, where I ultimately proposed to her!

    Fast forward to a year later we were married in Perham, MN and had a beautiful reception in Detroit Lakes.  A week later we drove to Alaska, where I completed my student teaching in Palmer, AK.  We were both also working at the Target in Wasilla, while I was teaching in and around "The Valley."  I ironically enough ran into Sarah Palin a couple times and actually subbed at her daughter Piper's school.  Alaska was awesome but it wasn't home!  So we came home and I applied and got a shot at an interview in Starbuck and here we are!!  If you have any questions or stories of Alaska I would be more than excited to share them with you.  Feel free to come in anytime and share!  Oh and I love kids!!  I can't wait to get to know all of them!   Bill Guck


                My wife and I in Palmer, Alaska