Our mission is to create an innovative, dedicated, sage and caring environment for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  This is accomplished by collaborating with families and staff to achieve academic success and environmentalliteracy through hands-on-learning and individualized instruction.


The establishment of GHE in Starbuck has provided the students with a sense of community pride by allowing them to learn about the community in which they live in and participate in community activities. Glacial Hills Elementary is working with the Minnewaska Lutheran Home and the Holly Ridge Assisted Living Facility. The students visit and read to the residents and also provide entertainment on various holidays. The school operates as a business treating the families as customers and strives to maintain a strong customer base by encouraging open communication between parents, students and staff.


Glacial Hills Elementary has 25 employees and currently has 130 students enrolled who are from the Starbuck, Glenwood, Cyrus, Lowry, Alexandria, and Benson areas.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to shape academically strong, respectful and responsible students.  Students will reach their full potential and become lifelong learners and positive members of society when their individual academic, behavioral, and social needs are addressed.

Our History

Glacial Hills was established in 2006 to fill a void in the community of Starbuck. Since it's founding the school has grown in both student attendance and community involvement, while maintaining excellent academic achivement goals.